Surah Al Imran Last Ruku

Surah Al Imran Last Ruku


The last ruku (section) of Surah Al Imran, also known as the third chapter of the Quran, is the fifth and final section of the Surah. It consists of verses 200 and focuses on the importance of perseverance, patience, and trust in Allah in the face of adversity. The verses encourage believers to remain steadfast in their faith and to continue striving towards goodness and righteousness. They also remind believers of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness and encourage them to seek it through repentance and good deeds. The section ends with a powerful reminder of the ultimate victory of those who follow the path of righteousness and obedience to Allah.

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Surah Al Imran Last Ruku Translation in Urdu
Surah Al-Imran Translation in Urdu


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