Terms and Service Policy

Registering yourself or your kid for online Quran classes at SmartQuranAcademy would mean that

you are agreeing to the following Terms and Condition:

  1.  After you complete our free trial classes, it’s your responsibility to make a decision as soon as possible regarding the continuation of classes at our online Quran academy.
  2. Deciding to continue with our classes means that you will have to pay the fee on the due date. In the last week of each month, monthly dues need to payed for the succeeding month in advance. Please note that if the fee is not paid on the due date, your online Quran classes may be stopped for some while by us.
  3. If your fee remains unpaid for over a week without any solid excuse, we hold the right to cancel your admission to our online Quran academy.
  4. If you wish to hold back your course for some reason and plan to continue your classes with the same teacher once you join back, please know that our criteria includes charging a full fee for the reservation of your spot with your desired teacher.
  5. In case you take a leave for more than 5 days, please know that the fee will still be deducted. It is because you not attending classes would lead to our loss since we won’t be able to make use of the spare time for some other student. Also, note that there are no cover-up classes for such students as it is practically not possible for a teacher to cover a 5 -day course for you easily. 
  6. In case a student isn’t able to attend a class due to some personal reasons, he/she might only be entertained by coverup classes after we have a background check to make sure that the student has a genuine excuse.
  7. Please remember that if you want to cancel a class any time, it is important that you inform your tutor one day before or email us 6 hours before the class you want to miss. You will be provided with an alternative coverup class only if you do so.
  8. No refund will be issued by our online Quran academy to a student who remains absent for straight 14 days or more without mentioning us. We own the right to cancel your classes in such cases.
  9. It is your responsibility to keep your private information like your house address, credit card information, phone number and passwords safe. In case you share any of your private information with your tutor or anyone else, SmartQuranAcademy will not be held responsible if your private data gets misused in any way.
  10. If we feel that a specific tutor doesn’t suit you, and that you need improvement, we have every right to make amendments for your betterment. We definitely want the best quality online Quran learning for every dear student.
  11. If a teacher resigns or gets cut off by us, we will provide new qualified Quran tutors to the students involved. Students CAN NOT stay in touch with any of their previous tutors because we will not be responsible if they get to face any serious damage or issues. Our institution is a registered institution, and our students’ security remains at the top of our list.
  12. Each year, our teachers are supposed to rest only on the two big occasions of Eid. Please note that we DO NOT offer any other paid leaves to our beloved tutors except for the Eid leaves. Thus, it is important to already remember that these occasional leaves are included in your monthly fee package and you can not ask for a refund or any coverup classes in exchange for these Eid holidays.
  13. Based upon our Terms and Conditions, we hold the right to raise your fee by a ratio of 6-7% of  the present year’s fee every year. This happens at the end of each year according to the Gregorian calendar.
  14. If our Terms and Conditions change at some point due to some reasons, we have every right to make alterations in your fee according to the new Policies. 
  15. Any changes in our Terms of Service & Conditions shall be uploaded on our webpage as soon as  possible. Please remember that our policies can change at any point in time and you will have NO right to complain about it. We hope that any new policies would not result in your disappointment in any aspect These Terms and Conditions are merely for your privacy and security. These apply to all types of students. We hope that our ever-friendly policies are suitable for you and you always benefit from them.
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