Smart Quran Academy

Fee Structure Of Smart Quran Academy

Our SmartQuranAcademy makes sure that our students do not have to go through a complicated procedure in every aspect. 

For our respected students’ convenience and ease, we present to you the option of paying the fee in any of the three above mentioned currencies. Plus also for financially low families, we offer a variety of discounts just so that payment doesn’t become an obstacle in your way of learning or memorization of the Holy Quran at home.

We have a very organized system of taking fees from our students. Our online Quran academy takes payments monthly for your comfort. 

All the fee details are discussed once you avail the facility of our free trial classes and select a specific tutor for yourself or your kid. The procedure starts after you’re satisfied by any of our Quran tutorsyour satisfaction is our top priority. 

You can pay us through whatever method you’re comfortable with, as we accept payments through various platforms: Paypal, credit card, and debit card. Contact us now to get registered with our SmartQuranAcademy.

Schedule/WeekClasses Per MonthEach Class DurationFEE USD
2 Classes/Week08/Month30 Minutes$20/Month
3 Classes/Week12/Month30 Minutes$25/Month
4 Classes/Week16/Month30 Minutes$30/Month
5 Classes/Week20/Month30 Minutes$35/Month
HIFZ Classes20/Month60 Minutes$60/Month
Schedule/WeekClasses Per MonthEach Class DurationFEE GBP
2 Classes/Week08/Month30 Minutes£15/Month
3 Classes/Week12/Month30 Minutes£20/Month
4 Classes/Week16/Month30 Minutes£25/Month
5 Classes/Week20/Month30 Minutes£28/Month
HIFZ Classes20/Month60 Minutes£45/Month
Schedule/WeekClasses Per MonthEach Class DurationFEE AUD
2 Classes/Week08/Month30 Minutes$25/Month
3 Classes/Week12/Month30 Minutes$35/Month
4 Classes/Week16/Month30 Minutes$40/Month
5 Classes/Week20/Month30 Minutes$45/Month
HIFZ Classes20/Month60 Minutes$85/Month