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Do you or your children want to learn Quran online with the help of the best Quran tutors? Are you in need of a platform where you can learn the Quran online according to your schedule? Do you want your children to start reciting or memorizing Quran at a young age with proper Tajweed and Tarteel? Are you in search of Islam-related courses for yourself or your children?

Well, if you’re looking for all this, then online Quran academy SmartQuranAcademy is the best platform.


The holy Quran is the last book sent by Allah to our last messenger, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). For us Muslims, this is not only a book but a complete guideline on how to live a righteous and noble life according to the teachings of our God. It covers all the aspects and even the smallest details of life. It

beautifully describes the stories of different prophets of God. Through that, this holy book teaches us the significance of having patience (SABR) in even the most critical times and the proper aspects of offering prayers ( Namaz). The directions of truly achieving paradise (Jannah) by keeping ourselves very far away from sins and the ways of becoming good Muslims are two other things the Holy Quran teaches us.

Having said all this, the kids must start reading and understanding the Holy Quran from a very young age. This serves as the most important key factor based upon which our kids can live the rest of their lives according to the principles and teachings of Islam; kids tend to remember things more easily.

Why learn the Quran from Online Quran Academy

In today’s world, technology has taken over our young generation’s minds. We definitely want our children to use technology in a better, positive, and beneficial way. Taking that into consideration, the best use would undoubtedly be learning the Quran from the online Quran academy. The benefits and perks of this are noteworthy.

Learning the Holy Quran online is, without any doubt, less time-consuming both for kids and adults. Moreover, it is easy to convince kids to study and understand the Quran online. Nonetheless, kids rather enjoy doing it than getting bored. They actually get interested in it.

Reciting the Quran online is more easy and convenient for people instead of reciting it practically because there no limitations to it. They can continue learning the Quran online even if they are on some journey. They can whenever they get free from their busy routines.

Our Quran Tutors for Online Quran Academy

Alhumdulillah, we are proud to say that we have the best Quranic tutors from all around the globe. All experienced and highly qualified with great expertise. For the past few years, our tutors have been spreading knowledge of Islam to several different people. Right now, our network extends to over 20+ different countries. The services our humble Quran teachers give out include the proper application of the principles of Islam and the genuine pronunciation of the Arabic wordings in the Quran. The proper standard Tajweed directives and the correct Tarteel in which the Quran is recited are also taught by our expert Quran tutors.

Why our webpage for learning the Quran online?

We provide service for people of all ages, ranging from 5-year-old children to 70-year-old people. The comfortability and satisfaction of our students is our top priority. Our flexible hours is the most attractive thing about our online Quran academy. For the ease of our respected students, we are available for you 24/7. Whatever the time it is, we are there for you. Wherever in the world you’re present and are looking for a good virtual Quran academy, we are always there to provide you with the best Quranic learning in multiple languages: 

  • Arabic 
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Pashto


In our online institution, distance barrier or time difference is not a problem at all. Ensuring that you or your kids receive the best quality Quran education here is always at the top of our list.

Our online Quran academy has always ensured that our students have the maximum possible interactive one-on-one Skype sessions with our tutors to provide a better understanding of the Holy Quran. These virtual ones on one sessions help our students in getting the proper individual attention of our tutors. As a result, it also contributes to the development and strengthening of a personal student-tutor connection.

We keep a strict check on the behaviour and attitude of our tutors. Our virtual Quran academy always ensures that the attitude of our tutors with the beloved students is totally satisfactory and all right. Any complaints from our students or any problems they get to face are surely dealt with properly and decently. This guarantees a constructive environment for our students.

Which courses do we provide?

Translation (Tarjammah) of the Holy Quran and its recitation with the proper tarteel are two very important aspects. Not only do we focus on the previously stated things, but we also offer a variety of other courses for our dear students. Either you want to learn the fine details of different Surahs or you want the properly translated version of the Holy Quran presented to you, SmartQuranAcademy is here to cover all your needs. Here is a list of some other courses that we provide:

●    Online Quran recitation

●    Islamic knowledge for kids

●    Online recitation of Noorani Qaida

●    Online Quran memorization

●    Ten Qirat online learning

●    Basic Tajweed of Quran

●    Quran for beginners

●    All kinds of Islamic supplications

●    Online Arabic learning

●    Various aspects of Islam (Pillars)

●    Online other subject tuitions

What is our aim?

Our main purpose is to be blessed by Allah’s pleasure by conveying His teachings to the public by this online Quran academy.

This online Quran academy  aims at improving or enhancing the Tarteel and Tajweed of our Quran students. We focus on the betterment and struggle of each student. Based upon that, we make evaluations about how a specific student needs improvement. We implement the changes to make sure that each student learns and improves in the best possible ways.

Everyone deserves a proper and an experienced Quran tutor  who whole-heartedly gives his/her entire attention to the students and is available for them whenever is convenient for them. We are proud to say that each member of our team is determined to provide the best teaching to their students.

A genuine Tarteel of the Quran is very important for every student. They should know about the fine details and aspects of the Quranic verses. Our goal is to make sure that our students get satisfied with our teaching quality. We ensure that we leave a good impression on the hearts of our students.

Free Trial Classes

Selecting a specific tutor and getting satisfied by their teaching style is a difficult thing to ask for. Every student has his/her separate perspective of an ideal Quran teacher. Having said this, our virtual Quran academya llows 3-day trial classes for the ease of our beloved students. During this period, our students can try multiple tutors from all over the world and check which one is the most suitable for them. As said earlier, the comfortability of our students is the most important thing for us.

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Just wishing to learn the teachings of Islam is itself a big thing. As we believe that the Quran is the last book of Islam, we must recite the Quran and understand its teachings. The personal connection we develop with our God by reciting the Holy Quran not only benefits us for the rest of our life but also has several rewards for us.

It is better to start learning Quran at a young age as stuff tends to remain in our minds more
if we start learning early in our life. However, learning Quran has no limitations and you can start at any age. Thus, if you’re a grown-up and want to learn the Quran now, we are here
for you because it is never too late. 

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