Madani Qaida Learn and Read Online

Madni Qaida is the basics of Holy Quran. We firmly assert that a person must achieve excellency in Madani Qaida to read Holy Book perfectly.

“This is the Book (The Quran) about which there is a guidance for those conscious of Allah.”  [Holy Quran | 2:2]

Everyone is busy earning money teaching our children in the best English schools, colleges, and universities in this modern time. We spend our whole time making our life more and more comfortable. We forget our duties, and we behave like a machine. Forgot our Prophet and his sunnah. But As Muslims, it is also our duty to read our holy book in a beautiful tone with the correct pronunciation.

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Madani Qaida Teaching

As mispronunciation changes the meaning of words, we start a journey through which we learn the correct pronunciations and tone of the Holy book.  Madani Qaida assists you in learning and reading the Holy Book in its original form step by step.

In this course, we will start with the basic 

  • Teaching of pronunciations
  • Articulatory organs of the  letters
  • Tone 
  • Tajweed

Every alphabet has its own property of sound. And the wrong pronunciation changes its meaning, which is a great sin.

Madni Qaida Image

After knowing about it, we will start the lesson of our Qaida, which is; Character recognition and types.

Every person has their own unique idiolect and tone. But in the recitation of the Holy Book, we should not make any mistakes.

The third lesson is about punctuations and their role

  • Punctuation makes the words perfect but can also change their tone or meaning. 
  • Every punctuation has its own sound and meaning. 
  • The fourth lesson is spelling and how we can read it as a whole.
  • Spelling is the basis of any word’s pronunciation. 
  • In this lesson, we know about the “Hijjy” in Holy Book

There are many more things like Dua, Darood Shareef, and Islamic Questions in our course, which is the basis of our Islam, and being a Muslim, it is our duty to know about them. 

Benefits of Online Learning Quran:

It is simple to persuade children to study and comprehend the Quran online, starting step by step with Madni Qaida. Children choose to do it rather than become bored. Their interest is aroused, and because there are no constraints, reciting the Quran digitally is easier and more comfortable for individuals than reciting it in person. Even if they are traveling, they may continue to learn the Quran online. They can do so anytime they get a break from their busy schedules.

Understanding the Quran, excelling at it, and then conveying it to others counts you among the best in Allah’s eyes. This is based on the qualities of the Prophet Muhammad’s followers (PBUH). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated in this respect:

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

[Hadith | Sahih al-Bukhari]

We make learning enjoyable and accessible by the visuals of Madni Qaida. We have divided it into various lessons and colored every group of words differently. 

Our Services:

We are delighted to announce that we have the most incredible Madni Qaida instructors from all around the world. We want to teach and guide the children in such a way that they remember their religion and help them grow in their knowledge. 

But you need to trust and follow the teachings of our Madani Qaida instructors. We have selected the best Madani Qaida trainers that we think can teach you the Quran and not disappoint you, Alhamdulillah. All of them are highly skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Our tutors have been teaching Islam to various people for the past few years. Insha’Allah, this Qaida will teach you the basic tajweed rules in no time. Insha’Allah, once you have read and mastered the basic alphabets, sounds, and words in this Qaida, reciting the rest of the Quran will be a simple task for you. 

We strive to strengthen the learning of Madni Qaida as it forms the entire base of a child. Once you have grasped it, you can continue studying the Quran at your own pace. 

Insha’Allah, with the guidance of Allah and our trainer, the child will master this in no time and move on to the Quran-e-Pak. Protection Status