How To Pray Namaz?

The second of Islam’s five pillars is namaz. All Muslims who have reached the age of majority, which is puberty, must perform five times a day of Namaz. With the act of prostration being the time we are closest to Allah, it provides us the chance to speak with Him, remember Him, and express our thanks to Him. Every believer receives the gift of namaz, which is the first thing we are held accountable for on the Day of Judgment.

Learn How To Perform One Rakat At A Time

Namaz is not merely meant to be a required practice. Instead, it is the initial and ongoing evidence of the believer’s submission to Allah. It serves as a spiritual ritual, a way to purify oneself, and a way to build patience and strength. A believer views namaz as a pleasure to educate himself and forge a stronger bond with his creator rather than as a hardship. Because they are dependent on Allah, Muslims say prayers out of love and humility as a sign of their devotion to him.

  1.   Make Your Intention To Offer Namaz

First, we made a heart-felt intention to pray to Allah before starting the prayer. As soon as the prayer starts, all of your attention should be on it alone.

  1.   You Have To Raise Your Hands

The prayer will formally start whenever you say “Allahu Akbar.” You should now give your full attention to the prayer and try your best to block out any outside distractions

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Namaz Takbeer
  1.   Recite Sana In Namaz

You must place your hands over your navel. You should bind your hands. The right hand should be over your left hand. Now, you have to read Sana in namaz.

Namaz Sannaa
  1.   Put Your Eyes On Your Sajda Spot

When praying, according to the Prophet Muhammad, your eyes should always be directed at the spot where you will bow. For that reason, your eyes should be down on the floor. You need to follow the Sunnah and see the spot where you are going to bow. Now, the next you will recite the following in a sequence.

Namaz Tauooz

You might recite another verse from the Quran after Surah Fatiha. But you must recite Surah Fatiha in each rakat of prayer.

surah e Fatiha in Namaz | How To Pray Namaz?
  1.   Start Reciting The Other Surah

Now, you have to recite other Surah of the Quran. Three verses must be recited at the very least. The alternative is to recite one lengthy verse, which is equivalent to three shorter verses in length. But it is preferable to recite one entire Surah.

surah e Ikhlas in Namaz
  1.   Perform Ruku

Say “Allahu Akbar” as you are bending down for ruku.

Namaz Takbeer

Keep your hands on your knees, your back straight, and your eyes fixed on the ground as you perform sajda. You have to recite the following verse three times:

Namaz Rakoo Tasbeeh
  1.   Return To Your Position Of Standing

You will bring your hands to your ears when you get out of the ruku stance and stand up. Additionally, when you are upright, bring your hands to your waist. You have to say the following:

Namaz Takbeer
  1.   Go For Sujud

It is the time to perform Sajda. Your palms should be touching the floor while you are in sajda, along with your forehead, nose, knees, and toes that are pointing forward. Recite three times the following:

tasbeeh sajdah
Namaz Takbeer
  1. Rise To The Sitting Position

Say “takbeer” while sitting up on your legs, place your hands’ palms down.

Keep your right foot grounded and pointed forward while sitting on your left foot. Women should slouch with their left hip and point both of their feet to the right.

10. Go Again For Sujud

Perform sajda again while reciting the following verse three times.

11. You Have To Rise Up Again


Say “takbeer” while standing up straight. Your first rak’ah of namaz, or unit, is now complete.

12. Time To Perform The Second Rakat

Up until the second sajda, the second rakat is the same as the first one. It would, however, be without the Takbiratul Ihram.

13. Time To Perform Tashahhud At The End Of Second Rakat


This time, following the second sajda, you will sit on your legs and knees once more rather than standing up. You have to recite the tashahhud. Do remember, while reciting the last verse you have to raise your index finger of the right hand.

Namaz Attayaat
  1. Time To Recite Durood

Now, you need to recite the Durood-e-Ibrahim.

Namaz Drood Shareef
    1. Recite Dua In The End Of Namaz

    When you are going to end your namaz then you have to recite the following dua.

Namaz Duaa
  1. Say Salaam 2 Times

The namaz is then concluded by initially looking over your right shoulder saying:

Namaz Ending Salam

Then, while looking over your left shoulder, repeat these lines.

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