Our Online Quran Teachers

Being a Quran teacher is a work of great respect and sheer dedication.  Not only our Prophets and angels were respected teachers of Allah’s words, but many other well-known scholars have been serving the Islamic community by being Quran teachers too. Taking into consideration the fact that Allah has promised to reward those who spread his Quran teaching, with esteemed positions in Jannah, it is a pleasure for us to help people learn Quran online ​ in presence of our Quran tutors.

 Our online Quran tutors​  are all highly qualified and friendly-natured. Their noteworthy commitment and impressive dedication to their work, their remarkable attitude of teaching each student according to his/her learning capability, and their exceptional mastery over the recitation, Tajweed, and Tarteel of the Quran are some of the things our

SmartQuranAcademy ​ is extremely proud of. You are going to find such experienced tutors only in our online Quran academy.​

Selection Criteria for online Quran Teachers

It is important for an online Quran teacher to not only be professional in what he/she does but also to have a deep understanding of the Tajweed and Tarteel of the Holy Quran and its teaching methodologies.

To provide our children and teenagers with the best quality Quran education, we go through a very detailed selection process for our Quran teachers. After all, it is necessary to ensure that our students are fully satisfied by the teaching ways of our teachers.

For a Quran teacher to be working at Smartquranacademy, we make sure that :

  • They are professional Qari
  • They are Hafiz, Alim
  • They are graduated from some well-reputed institute and have a basic degree
  • They attend our regular training and teaching workshops before starting to teach
  • They are aware of the basic Tajweed and Tarteel rules
  • They know how to work with consistency and determination on each student
  • They understand what each student lacks and how to merely focus on his/her improvement
  • They very well know the basic Quran teaching methods · T hey are friendly and humble

All teachers at our SmartQuranAcademy are s elected after we have background checks: this is not something you need to worry about. We have male and female Quran teachers from different countries including the USA, UK, Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. These experienced teachers can teach in different languages like Arabic, English, Urdu, Farsi, and Pashto.  Our online Quran academy aims at your comfort and ease, and we guarantee that learning Quran online with SmartQuranAcademy will be a lovely experience.

Join SmartQuranAcademy  today and start learning Quran online with our  online Quran tutors.

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