Online Quran learning in Covid-19 Pandemic

Online Quran learning

At present, things have changed quickly and are rarely as they returned in the ’80s or’ 90s. It also becomes very difficult to find quality tutors and verified that will come by your home. Getting basic knowledge may still be possible but you will be left behind to get the essence. It is a must and that’s what we make sure of. Give your child fully understand the Koran, as a beginner is our goal.

Likewise, another big reason is time management and convenience. The children can read and study the Koran at their own manageable time, therefore it does not provide a restricted schedule to make the child easier to spend time and concentrate properly. In addition, with all Tafseer, Tajweed, and translation options; Learn to read Koran through online courses is undeniably making skylines that are bigger than anything you wish for.

Another best advantage of online Koran learning is its reasonable cost. You don’t need to pay a big amount of your earnings as monthly charges to tutors, for their conveyance and stay in your place. This service will save money, time, and recompense you with a far more efficient result. All this, just to ensure that your child receives the right education related to the Koran is the motive of all Online Koran learning platforms.

What makes these Online Koran learning platforms perfect?

Online Quran learning for children

The teachers on these platforms are quite educated, well trained, and expert in quranic tajweed and Tilawat. So that they will serve you best .Of course, any parent will never take the risk of tutors who are not able to meet the requirements. As we know all the buyers are very smart today.

  • learning for beginners

On the other side, the learning procedure and guidance on these sites are very meek and easy to use letting a different kinds of children feel comfortable. It will also save their time and they will learn to read Quran in a blink of an eye, in no time.

  1. Steps

Likewise, in the online videos and with teaching guides on these sites, parents can be vigilant about the teaching step by step, which will definitely ensure the safety of their children but will also help them know their progress directly. Online Quran Learning also allows them to assess and see that where their kids are standing and how much more they have to improve, according to their current status.

  1. Tasks

Finally, come to the tasks. As you know that homework can be very important in helping the child maintain and revise the concepts he/she has learned and not for only that but to also maintain their concentration towards hifz. Homework is difficult when your target is your Quran lessons, therefore to ensure that the child fully understands certain concepts before jumping to the next.

Detailed steps, towards Quran learning for children, are as follows:

  • Noorani Qaida

The child has to start with Noorani Qaida. It will direct them to understand and recognize the letters and also help pupils to say when these letters are combined to make words. This makes a basic building block on the words of the Qur’an.

  • Tajweed

After Noorani Qaida the vital step to learning Quran is  Tajweed. That’s when you recognize the words of the Quran and Arabic that you start to master the art of the Tilawat ul Quran. So for that, we have a spacious part about Tajweed. Tajweed will permit you to improve your pronunciations and to learn the rules of reading the Quran like where to stop where to prolong the reading of words and many more things like that. So because of that student will understand the pattern and can read the Koran without help.

              Tajweed so far is the most important fundamental stage of learning to read the Quran and hence the maximum emphasis must be placed on the child and their parents. For this purpose you can watch the video with streaming audio that will guide you on the website but you have to practice as much as you can, too.

Why the Arabic language is very important to become a Hafiz

It is obvious that if you try to memorize the Quran, it will take time, effort, and maybe disturbing your daily routine. As an introduction, a pupil must be considered suitable for this big task and must help himself because at this age it is easy to learn anything. This is indeed a slow process but can still be as long as you know the fact that nothing happens overnight, and it is a process.

Also, other developments at the level of difficulty are, understanding the meaning of the Quran. At first, this might seem like a simple task, because you can directly memorize the translation but it’s not the right way to do it.

What you have to do is to learn languages ​​- Arabic.

 Arabic now because you might be very conscious is a very complicated language because only the wrong pronunciation of zabar and zair can change the meaning of a word. Then you have to learn every single fundamental and after you complete the entire course, it is when you will be able to understand the Quran while reading it at the same time.

Affordable Online Tajweed Lessons

One of the main reasons why students like learning the basic and advance Tajweed lessons Online is because it is very affordable even though it provides so many facilities in it. From one-to-one class to a flexible schedule, you can study the Quran. In addition, have designed several different packages to study the Quran online. From that, you can choose the most affordable package to learn the Quran online.

 The safe learning environment in Covid-19 Pandemic

The best thing about taking Tajweed Online lessons is their safety and security. This has proven to be very useful especially during this covid-19 pandemic, which affects millions of lives. Thanks to the Tajweed online class, students can study the Quran without stepping out of their homes. This is why so many students shift from the mosque to study the Quran with Tajweed online.

Cooperative Learning through Tajweed Online lessons

Online Quran classes emphasize that students should not feel learning the Koran becomes a burden for them. Therefore eliminating the entire goal of learning the Koran with Tajweed. This is one of the many best things on The teacher educates the child with the rules of Tajweed using friendly techniques and the best Tajweed Koran learning software. There is no harsh behavior and strictness on children because it would decrease their interest in learning the Quran.

May Allah bless every Muslim with the righteous path as explained in Koran Kareem. Ameen! Protection Status