Memorizing Quran Online

Memorizing the Quran is of great importance. However, it is not so easy but all Muslims should try their best to learn and memorize it. There are many benefits linked with it.

Importance of Memorizing Quran

Muslims know that the Holy Quran is the word of Allah. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad to guide humanity. There are diverse reasons that describe the importance of memorizing the Quran. However, the basics is that it allows Muslims to live their lives according to ALLAH’s will. Not only does it benefit Muslims in this life, but it will give them a higher rank in Jannah.

There are many Hadiths that emphasize the importance of memorizing the Quran. Muslim scholars have written extensively on the topic. While it is not easy, it is something that all Muslims should strive to do.

Quran memorization heals the human body and soul. The Quran is relaxing to read or listen to. It will relax your body as well as soothe your soul. In fact, there are circumstances when we can all feel stressed. As a result, there may be certain issues with our bodies. We have undoubtedly encountered this scenario returning to us as headaches or nausea.

The impacts of the nervous system on the body are the cause of these ailments, according to science. As a result of stressful events, it keeps the body’s balance. So, may reading the Quran help to lessen these issues? Yes, worship, or developing a strong relationship with Allah, is the true nourishment of the soul.

Consider a kid you’ve been entrusted with. You immediately think to feed him when he screams because you assume he is hungry, don’t you? The connection to Allah is the nourishment of the soul. Your mental health will improve as you consume more. We must therefore comprehend the significance of memorizing the Quran. For the sake of staying close to Allah, we should read and learn it.

Benefits of Memorizing Quran

The Holy Quran is the divine book of Allah (SWT). The beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the Quran, which serves as a guide and a point of reference for Muslims. To the end of the world, Allah Almighty will be the custodian of the Magnificent Qur’an. Everyone can benefit from reading, learning, and memorizing this book. You will gain a lot of advantages in this life and the hereafter if you memorize the Holy Quran. We are going to explain some of them as follows:

  1. The Quran can be memorized to improve your verbal communication. You learn traditional Arabic from the Quran, which is why. You’ll be more resilient, patient, and adept at coping. However, learning the holy Quran by heart entails altering your perspective on everything in your environment. As a result, you will act in accordance with what you have learned.
  2. If you memorize the Quran, you will earn ten good deeds for every letter. If you are aware, for instance, that Surah Al-Kawthar, the smallest Surah in the Quran, contains 42 letters. You may read this Surah in a few seconds. It implies that every time you read it, Allah Almighty would add 420 good actions to your account. These noble deeds are all far superior to this world and everything in it. Think about all the nice things you will perform once you have read the entire Quran. There are more than 300,000 letters in it!
  3. The Quran is the book of ALLAH, as we all know. This will be the best you’ve ever done once you’ve memorized it! The doors of good will be opened to you if you can memorize the Quran.
  4. The Quran is a cure for both physical and mental illnesses. If Allah wills, a patient can be cured just by reading Al-Fatiha (The Opening). Because of Quran memorization, you will be curing your body and soul. As a result of the significant transformation you go through when memorizing the Quran, your bodily immunity will also improve. 
  5. The Quran that you have learned and memorized today will be with you when you die. It will act as your protector. Additionally, it will act as your advocate if the individual’s closest to you desert you.
  6. All of the sciences of this world and the hereafter are covered in the Quran. the histories of the forebears and successors. Numerous facts from science, astronomy, law, and medicine are included. Additionally, it contains clauses, rules, and legislation that govern a believer’s daily activities. You’ll be considerably happy as a result. Also, when you learn the Quran by heart, you also learn the largest encyclopedia.

Tips For Memorizing Qur'an

Muslims who try to remember passages of the Noble Qur’an typically take a lot longer. It’s because they don’t employ the following study tips to help them through the procedure. We will now give you some tips for memorizing the Quran on how to learn and memorize the holy Quran.

1. Recite The Verses Of The Quran In A Loud Voice

According to different studies, it has been noted that when you read something aloud out then you memorize it quite early. You are not just reading but listening at the same time. So, your brain works better and you memorize things quickly. For that reason, you should recite Quran verses loudly so that you can memorize them as quickly as possible. 

2. Start Assigning Purpose And Meaning To The Knowledge

It becomes simpler to memorize the Quran’s passages when its importance for our lives is given more importance. It lays out the rules and guidelines for obtaining heaven and the pleasure of Allah. Not only that, but it exalts social, moral, and spiritual ideals as the pinnacles of human achievement. It explains where we came from and what life’s goal is. Additionally, it teaches about truth and Allah in genuine form. It will be simpler to memorize information if its significance to our life and purpose is meaningful.

3. Try To Go For Colors

Diverse studies have shown that when you read something in different colors then you memorize it quickly. For that reason, you have to try to go for colorful pages. Try to read each Surah in different colorful imagery. In this way, you will be learning better and more quickly.

4. Make The Most Of The Text Knowledge

Just memorizing the verses of the Holy Quran is not important. You have to understand what you are learning and memorizing. If you will not know the meaning of the text then you are not getting proper knowledge. You need to understand each verse thoroughly. So, whenever you learn a verse, read out the meaning and then recite it over and over again. When you know the meaning then you will memorize it more quickly. This is the best tip to learn the Quran by heart.

Dua For Memorizing Quran

Dua is one of the most important things when it comes to memorizing the Quran. One should make dua for memorizing the Quran. It is said that if you make dua while you are trying to learn and memorize the Quran, Allah will make it easier for you. 

There are many benefits of memorizing the Quran, including gaining the pleasure of Allah, increasing your knowledge, and becoming closer to Allah. If you are struggling to memorize the Quran, make dua and ask Allah to help you. ALLAH will definitely make it easier for you. 

One way in which making dua helps with memorizing the Quran is by taking care of those who have memorized the Quran. They will not forget anything they have learned in their lifetime. It is because they constantly recite it during their lives. And this helps them to always be on the straight path. 

Also, every Muslim should try their best to learn and memorize as much as possible from Allah’s book so that they can bring about a better life for themselves after death because if you die without knowing Quran then there is a possibility that you may end up in hellfire.


How Was Quran Memorization Started?

We can say that the revelation of the Quran marked the beginning of Quran memorization. The first person to commit the Quran to memory, heart, and life was Our Prophet (PBUH). He is the first hafiz, so to speak. He recited the first verses that were revealed to his companions after memorizing them.

Many Companions tried to memorize the verses they received from the Prophet as soon as they heard them while he was still alive. They even had a good deal of memorization of the Quran, though we are unable to estimate how many. Our Prophet’s companions and followers memorized the Quran by heart. They were sent to various areas to teach the Quran and spread the word of ALLAH.

Arkam ibn Ebi al-Arkam welcomed our Prophet and Muslims into his home after converting to Islam. He was the one who delivered sermons and sent out covert invites. West of the Kaaba, this residence developed into a meeting place. Muslims began to gather there for religious purposes. The Prophet personally educated the Quran to his followers and companions in that house.

In several towns, the Quran’s memorizing training and education were continued. The followers started spreading the word of ALLAH to people in such a way that many non-followers became Muslims. People started living their lives according to the rules and regulations of ALLAH.

Many efforts have been made throughout history to spread the Quran in other regions of the world. Because of this, memorizing the Quran became essential for Muslims. The complete and accurate transmission of the Quran from generation to generation is one of the most significant factors in this. The centuries-long efforts to accurately preserve the Quran continued during the rule of our Master and that of the four Khalifas.

Allah will place those who memorize the Quran in a position of great value. They will be in a position of such value that both their personal salvation and the salvation of those around them will result from their actions. And that perfectly illustrates the critical significance of learning the Quran by heart and teaching it to others.

The demand and necessity for this action are still there today despite considerations like the advancement of technology and easy access to the Quran. People who memorize the Quran don’t do it for any particular reason. With all of their hearts, brains, and souls, they memorize  Quran e pak. They develop into servants who embody the teachings of the book through which Allah speaks to His subjects.

They are one of Allah’s promises of salvation at the same time. Given the significance of memorization of the Qur’an, we should also offer suggestions for hadith memorization. We are able to accurately understand the Quranic orders thanks to our Master’s life and words, which serve as a live example of the Quran. This makes it simple for us to apply Quranic knowledge to our daily life. Our life and connection to the Quran will be stronger as a result of the more hadiths we can memorize.

Why Is It Suggested To Memorize Quran At An Early Age?

Learning lengthy passages of text benefits kids in improving their working memory. In Islam, divine gifts are received as a result of memorizing the Quran. Physically, though, the activity can raise IQ and improve mental health.

According to child psychologists, memorizing a lot of text while you’re young improves your working memory and learning abilities. Thus, a child’s working memory improves if they memorize the Quran.

The memory includes two types: short-term and long-term. You use your short-term memory if you save a phone number I just gave you. When you believe you will require it in the future, you store it in long-term memory. Working memory is one of the things people assess during IQ tests. It reveals a person’s learning capacity. 

When it comes to memorizing the Holy Quran, the short-term and long-term memory starts working together. Children learn the Quran in such a way that they keep it in their short-term and long-term memory. 

They perform this activity in front of their teacher. They have to recite the memorized verses in front of their teacher which is a task of short-term memory. However, they keep it in their long-term memory to recite the verses later whenever they want to.

Furthermore, the IQ level of these children is far better than the rest. ALLAH gives them a special capacity for learning and memorizing. Due to this reason, it is suggested to learn and memorize the Quran at an early age. Protection Status