The Best way to learn Quran online

The Best way to learn Quran online

 The teaching of Allah SAW’s word Quran e Majeed to our children is one of the leading duties as a Muslim parent. To perform this religious nurture of our little ones, we have to be vigilant for the quality of education that they are worthy of. Various Quranic websites nowadays are accessible to accomplish this holy purpose. To accomplish this purpose what would we need? Above all being a Muslim a parent or a tutor must have a clear understating of the Ayah Kareem (verses) written in the Quran Majeed. This holy purpose could be only accomplished by studying and understanding the complete translation of the Great text. Every Muslim father or mother inspires their toddler to learn Quran. Luckily, today young ones can learn Quran online which is specifically useful for them.

Online learning and Pandemic

Actually from their childhood, they are very comfortable getting an education through the internet especially in this pandemic. In addition to that nowadays because of this pandemic, everyone is locked in their homes, and life is so changed. So the online learning makes big difference to their lives and their religious knowledge. 

As we grow older we are continuously advised to be serious about our work and survival. To overcome and to forget those fears of practical life, people make their work hobbies and work environment encouraging, interesting, and fun-filled. Likewise, anything that sounds joyful, entertaining, and adventurous is off course interesting to kids. 

Therefore, if we want our young ones to learn Quran online, then we should make that mission as simple as possible. Also, we can make it something easy to learn and enjoyable to do with the help of several learning activities. This way of learning is appropriate for inspiring young ones to learn Quran online

When we talk about online Quran Kareem learning, we have to make some attractive ways that inspire them to understand and learn the Quran Majeed by heart.

To learn Quran Kareem by heart Smart Quran Academy serves best to kids and also provides them with the ease of step-by-step learning.

Importance of Learning Quran for kids: 

The importance of learning the Holy Quran by heart for kids has an immense impact on Muslim’s life, especially on kids. It helps to guide the child’s thought positively and direct it fairly through knowing the meaning of the Holy Quran and its explanation. As the Holy Quran’s teachings give us the position and high rank in the worldly life and the hereafter. The Quran will be the conciliator to his reader on the Day of Judgment.

Steps and techniques of learning the Quran

Some steps should be followed by a Quran learner kid regularly. 

  • Setting up a schedule for example for a week.
  • Hear or listen to the verses with tajweed recitation from
  • Then recite it properly as per Quran’s law.
  • And then learn it either by repetition or by understanding the meanings.

 Where the children should learn at least one chapter of small chapters of the Holy Quran, to facilitate the process of learning for them. The process starts with reading the appointed chapter of memorizing to the child. Then read between the lines some of the meanings that are difficult for the kid to understand. Then the children should be allowed to read by their effort so that they understand the words fully.

Responsibilities of Parents:

If you want to teach your kids either the holy Quran or anything else you should show your interest in that thing first to encourage them. This is why every Muslim parent must maintain few things, to make their kids learn the Holy Quran. Above all parents should take care of their kid’s sanitation and tutoring decorum so that they learn the sacredness of holy verses.

Allah SAW has communicated to Muslims through the Holy Quran and with the help of His Prophet (PBUH). Therefore, it is of importance for kids belonging to Muslim families to learn the Holy Quran from childhood. Online Quran academy for kids is a stress-free and effective way of learning the Quran for kids. Specifically in this pandemic situation.  


 Online Quran classes for kids

If your kids are not able to learn Holy Quran at home and the big problem exists when you are also not that much able to read and understand Holy Quran with tajweed and there is no mosque near your residence, no Quran learning academy, or even a Quranic teacher near you. Then Smart Quran Academy teaches your young ones and you also to become a good Quran reader and help you to learn Quran online with tajweed. In this type of situation, where everyone around you is scared of covid-19 and doesn’t know where the world is going. 

Everyone wishes for a podium where they could find work, education, utilities in short everyone want everything safe, hygienic and at the doorstep to prevent themselves from the virus.

 In that case for learning Quran onlineyou will come upon quite a lot of benefits. One of the best benefits is that you are given the freedom of time. No trouble if it is day or night, you can schedule your online Quran classes as per your time suitability. On the other hand, you can select your online Quran course that you think suitable for you in the beginning. Afterward, go forward step by step.

What is the purpose of online Quran Learning?

There are several varieties of courses that are presented by the Quran tutors who not only teach how to learn the Quran with tajweed but the kids also learn how to do qirats of the Holy Quran with tajweed.

 This will help to learn Quran for beginners better. Also, make them understand the basics and rules of the Holy Quran’s reading which is essential for everyone to follow. One more thing that is very important in tilawat or qirat of the holy verses is the pronunciation. If one could not pronounce the word in the right way the meaning of the word and verse will be changed because of that. 

 As a Muslim, where there is compulsory to have a scientific education. It is also essential to have the awareness of Allah’s verses to be a good human being. May Allah guide every Muslim to follow the righteous path. meen! Protection Status