Facts About The Quran

We must believe that the truth found in the Quran is what it claims to be. It is important to practice and act as a reference to the proper road in addition to believing in it. The Quran was miraculously revealed to Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him ) and is Kalam Allah (the words of the Almighty God).

The Quran is considered as being true till the end of time and serves as a guide for everyday life. Allah ensures that its contents are authentic until the Day of Judgment. The Quran was not always a book like the one we have today. To prevent it from being lost, the Quran was written on stones, tree branches, and even leaves. However, these were not permanent things. Thus, individuals began to transform it into a book.

facts about the quran

Spiritual Facts About The Quran

Islam is a word that means surrender. It conveys the idea of how believers submit to Allah’s will, who alone is the world’s sole creator. The Quran mentions life after death and teaches its followers that the soul remains even after death. Additionally, the Quran expresses cosmological and metaphysical truths that have deeper implications. The study of creation, religious philosophy, social values, history, science, morality, civil and criminal law, Christianity and polytheism, Judaism, and prophetic narratives are some further spiritual topics covered in the Quran.

Some Miracles In The Quran

The miracles described in the Quran are complex and complicated. Even before they are discovered, several of the most well-known scientific miracles are discussed in the holy book. The holy book provides insight into topics like the Big Bang Theory, genetics, black holes, and more. Evidently, science and the holy Quran are not necessarily incompatible.

In fact, Quran descriptions of scientific advancements take the form of Surahs. However, until science advanced enough to support the existence of such events, several of the Surahs were difficult to believe Quran wonders in science. It is acceptable to conclude that the Quran very briefly mentions complicated phenomena. Science only serves to validate the material in the book.

Scientific Facts About The Quran

It is notable that the holy Quran mentions some scientific questions that were unexplored 14 centuries ago. We will now discuss a few interesting facts about the Quran.

1. The Frontal Lobe

The frontal lobe is one of the Quran facts proven by science. An oppressive leader by the name of Abu Jahl is described in the Quran. He was warned by Allah, “No indeed! if he doesn’t stop, we shall grab him by the forehead, his lying, sinful forehead”. Now, this sentence has a deeper meaning in the eyes of Muslims.

The prefrontal region of the human brain is thought to be involved in planning, aggression, and motivation, according to a recent anatomical study. For that reason, lying is caused by this area of our brain. Muslims consider the reference to the forehead to be specific and deliberate.

2. Quranic Pain Receptors

For a very long time, it was thought that the brain is what causes the perception of emotion and suffering. According to scientific research, the reason we experience pain and agony is that our skin has pain receptors.

Surprisingly, the holy book of the Quran made a long-term reference to this occurrence. It states, “We will cast into the furnace, those who reject our revelations. We will replace their skins with fresh ones after it has been burned away so they can still feel the pain”. This passage unmistakably implies that our skin is the reason we experience pain.

3. Waves Within The Ocean

When analyzing water bodies, oceanographers found that the common misconception that waves only occur on the ocean’s surface is untrue. Actually, waves are present internally beneath the water’s surface.

When the lowest portion of the oceanic body encounters a barrier, they are produced. This barrier causes oscillation in the water body and causes a disturbance. This phenomenon is discussed in the core theological text of Islam which is the Holy Quran. It contains numerous secrets and information regarding the depth of the oceans. The internal waves of the ocean are mentioned in one of the scientific facts in the Quran.

4. The Emergence Of Clouds

In contrast to today, when elementary school students study how clouds originate, this was not the case in 609 C.E. But the production of clouds is still accurately described in the Quran. The winds actually push the little clouds and those that are close to one another merge.

The upper portion of the cloud extends upward in the sky as a result of a vertical updraft that occurs at this time. The cloud has been elevated to many divergent places. They have the appearance of being heaped high with clouds. This scientific truth has already been mentioned in the Quran. It’s because only the past 200 years have passed since this study was conducted.

5. Iron Was Not Naturally Present On Earth

M.E. Walrath states that iron is not an element that naturally exists on Earth. According to studies, Earth was hit by a meteorite a billion years ago. Iron was present on this meteorite. Iron was released when it collided with Earth and detonated. The Quran states this scientific truth in verse 57:25.

6. Embryology in Quran

The study of fertilization and embryo development is the focus of the biological field known as embryology. The major holy source, the Quran, makes reference to embryology and presents an important scientific truth.

According to science, a mother provides the fetus with nourishment and oxygen. It is comparable to a leech that feeds on blood in this way. Additionally, the fetus remains motionless and the blood does not flow in the early phases. It has the features of a blood clot. Thus, the placenta suspends the baby from the uterus wall while it is still inside the mother.

7. Division Of Seas

A conflux happens when two oceans meet. When two seas meet, the waters still have distinct characteristics including density, color, and temperature. Two distinct water bodies can be seen flowing side by side at a site of conflux. Despite the fact that this phenomenon has only recently been discovered. However, the passage in the holy Quran found in 55:19–20 notified the readers of it.

8. The Quran’s Big Crunch Theory

Another scientific fact about the Quran is that it supports the Big Crunch theory, which foretells how the universe will end. The theory based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity discusses the origin of the cosmos.

The big bang was the start of it. It describes a possible scenario for the universe’s future. It also explains that at some point in the future, the universe will experience a contraction rather than an expansion. This occurrence is mentioned in verse 21:105 of the Quran. This verse confirms one of the important Quran facts about space. The scenario confirmed by numerous physicists worldwide is similar to the description given in the Islamic text.

9. The Big Bang Theory in Quran

One of the most important scientific concepts mentioned in the Quran is the theory of the origin of the cosmos. It was once thought that the universe had no creator and has never ended. However, Albert Einstein disproved this notion while researching field equations. He put out the idea that the universe is a force that is expanding like a balloon.

Later, a Belgian clergyman and mathematician claimed that this expansion must have started from a dense beginning point. This concept is described in the holy Quran, which was written centuries ago. The word Ratqan employed in the text of Quran 21:31 alludes to darkness and a closed-off mass. The universe must have appeared just like this before the big bang.

Some Other Facts About Quran

From the scientific facts about the Quran, there are some other imperative facts you need to know. These facts are present as follows:

1)      In the Quran, the words “man” and “woman” appear 24 times in total.

2)      The only day of the week mentioned in the Quran is Friday.

3)      Milk is the best drink stated in the Quran.

4)      The Quran refers to 25 prophets.

Read And Understand The Holy Quran

Millions of Muslims memorize the Quran word by word. In actuality, it was intended to be learned and passed down through the generations among Muslims. Muslims learn the creation stories from the Quran. They can gain a deeper understanding of everything along with Islamic laws.

You will discover countless secrets and inspirations when you open the Quran and begin reciting it. No one else could have discovered them. It is like being led straight by a source of light. The truth contained in the Holy Quran cannot be questioned. The scientific truths contained in the Quran have been proven. The divine wisdom behind the passages of the Quran cannot be denied. It has also been demonstrated that the legends of earlier Prophets and religions are true.

To witness these miracles for yourself, try to understand the holy Quran and develop the practice of reading it every day. In this way, you will get to know all facts about the Quran in Islam.

You can use a variety of online Quran classes from internet resources to assist in your knowledge of the Quran. These resources can be used to fully understand the meaning and translation of the Quran. Make this the beginning of a miracle in your life. Increase your faith by learning the facts about the Quran.

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