Dua for Leaving Bathroom

Dua for leaving Bathroom

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When leaving the bathroom, Muslims recite a dua or prayer for purification. This dua is known as Dua e Istinja and translates to “seeking cleanliness”. The prayer reads:

Dua for leaving bathroom Translate in English language

“Praise be to Allah Who has relieved me from affliction and discomfort and provided me with comfort and ease.”

Dua for leaving bathroom Translate in Urdu language

Dua for leaving bathroom Translate in Urdu language

In addition to the dua for leaving bathroom,

Muslims commonly recite other prayers such as “I seek forgiveness from Allah” and “Allah is predominant over his affairs”. These phrases are intended to cleanse the heart of any improper thoughts that might have come up while using the restroom.


It is also important for all Muslims to wash their hands, feet and private areas after visiting the restroom in accordance with Islamic cleanliness practices.


Although these practices are not explicitly stated or defined in the Quran, they are derived from the Hadith and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These teachings lay out a set of guidelines for Muslims to follow in order to maintain their spiritual purity and wellbeing.


By following these teachings, Muslims can ensure that they stay in a state of physical, mental and spiritual cleanliness – even when leaving the bathroom.  When this ritual is observed regularly, it instills a sense of humility and personal discipline that allows one to grow closer to Allah (SWT).


 In this way, Dua e Istinja plays an important role in the spiritual lives of Muslims.


In addition to its spiritual benefits, following these Islamic guidelines also promotes physical hygiene and health which is beneficial to individuals and communities alike. Thus, by taking the time to recite Dua e Istinja upon leaving the bathroom, Muslims can receive both physical and spiritual blessings from Allah (SWT).


  May Allah (SWT) grant us the strength and discipline needed to purify ourselves in this


  Amin. May Allah (SWT) provide us all with the strength and wisdom to practice cleanliness in our lives. Ameen.

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