Zoom Online Quran Classes

Zoom Online Quran Classes

Quran Allah’s word is the most beneficial and merciful book not only for the Muslims but all humanity of the world. It is the duty of every Muslim to recite the Quran Karim on a daily basis. Either they read a quarter, sipara or ruku. With that, it’s necessary for them to teach Quran Majeed to their kids as well.

For this purpose of learning, there are steps to reach the goal:

  • First of all a child has to learn how to read the Qur’an Majeed properly with tajweed. As Allah Almighty said.
  • Then it is essential to understand the meanings of the verses to learn it properly.

After learning and reading the Quran properly, it is easy to spend their lives wisely according to the teachings of the Holy book.

Online Quran Learning Through Zoom

Nowadays, Quran learning is really very easy with the grace of the internet and online learning classes like Smart Quran Academy . They are very professional in teaching the Quran step by step to the kids and the adults. These teachers know that how to handle the students by keeping their temperaments in mind. So in zoom online Quran classes, they create a vivacious and helpful class environment for students. As there are also options for students of male and teachers with whom they are comfortable.

They teach kids in a manner with keeping the sacredness of the Qur’an in mind. Also, make them follow the tajweed with the lips movement and the tongue movement. With that practice, their pronunciations improve gradually. It also helps in improving the spoken Arabic accent of non- Arab students.

Quran tutor should be responsible enough to not make any deliberate mistake as Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said,

‘ The best among you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it to others”.

The Quran tutor has a vast responsibility, which is explained in the verse given below.

Al-Maeda [5:4] They ask you what may them. Say: The good things may you, and what you have taught the beasts and birds of prey, training them to hunt– you teach them of what Allah has taught you– so eat of that which they catch for you and mention the name of Allah over it; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is swift in reckoning.

The Quran teacher should always keep in mind that the teaching of the Quran is a very sensitive issue. He or she must make sure that they try to convey it at their level best to avoid any misunderstanding.

Step by the Step Quran Learning System

In any language learning journey, the teachers upgrade their students with the help of step-by-step learning. Especially if they are not familiar with the required language. Their accents are not perfect and they couldn’t recognize the alphabets of that language or the grammar of that language is unknown to them. Recognition of alphabets is the most imperative part to read any language and the learning journey always starts in steps first form:

  • Recognition of alphabets
  • Proper reading
  • After that, learning in small parts
  • Then it comes to whole stanzas and pages

Finally, with this process, students reach their goal of learning the

Step of learning Quran E Pak

The basic step is looking for a hard-working Quran tutor who’ll pay attention to a child and also show every error, as well as assist a child in correcting them. One must learn to read Arabic characters and vowels. In steps of learning the Quran Majeed, one of the most vital and initial steps is to read:

Noorani Qaida helps the child to recognize the alphabets and words as mentioned above in the step by step learning system. It is necessary because until and unless the huruf(alphabets) of Arabic is like them; it is not possible for a child or an adult to read the Quran Majeed, especially with Tajweed.

Reading Online Quran with Tajweed

To read Quran with Tajweed is the most essential step in Quran learning because Tajweed teaches us actual Arabic accents from which and the rules of reading the Quran Majeed. We can only achieve this goal with the help of an expert teacher. Tajweed and its practical application can be only become proficient by a competent tutor.

The Best Part of Zoom Online Quran Classes

The best part of learning Quran on Zoom online Quran classes by Quran Academy is the feel of physical class and face-to-face attention, which is necessary for every student. Sometimes this facility is more applicable for complex learners because they need more attention than an ordinary child. These topics, like tajweed and noorani Qaida descriptions, are boring for a new learner until he or she knows the importance and blessings of the Quran. The teachers of online zoom classes at our site engage children in a fun-filled way so that they enjoy learning and are attracted towards the classes and teacher.

Believing and Motivating yourself to do Hard work

A significant benefit of learning Quran at home with Zoom online classes is the absolute total focus you can give yourself, without depending on others sitting next to you. Online Quran learning has been an amazing experience to really build confidence in students who can now do this in the comfort of their own home.

When a Quran learner is at home and the teacher and classmates are not in the room with them, they require greater and extravagant motivation to push themselves in every class. Without the other Quran Learners and atmosphere around them are not workable, then you need to believe in yourself to work hard. This is an incredible skill for the future.

To Eliminate Camera Fear

Another wonderful life lesson learned from Zoom online classes by Quran Academy is working online and learning how to perform in front of a camera. Many camera-shy teachers and Quran learned students are now feeling a lot more comfortable learning and performing in front of a camera and learning many skills of Quran like Tilawat with tarannum etc.The aptitude to focus on yourself without depending on others.

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