Learn Online Quran In 2021

Online Quran Learning

We all know the fact that the 21st century is the busiest era of time till now. Everyone is so busy in his doings that he/she doesn’t have enough time for family, children, and even for himself/herself. But as a MUSLIM we possess some basic values and rules as directed by our creator, who is no doubt the creator of us all. We have to follow all the teachings of ISLAM, no matter how busy we are and in which century we are living. And if we are no living our lives in accordance with the golden rules of Islam, then our lives are of no cost and zero value.

Because of the busy routines, many people are not finding enough time to read and learn Qur’an. ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY introduces and nice and very effective solution to this problem. We have a proper agenda to convey the teachings of Islam to every single person, no matter how ages he/she is or how busy he/she is. We provide easy and proper qur’anic education to everyone, everywhere. Besides easy ONLINE QUR’ANIC EDUCATION is much convenient and reliable.

We provide qur’anic education through professional and skilled teachers who can teach the Qur’an to any group of age in a productive and impressive manner. We provide you so much ease and effort that you’ll definitely go to love to LEARN QURAN ONLINE. By grabbing this opportunity, you can learn Quran even when you’re going to your office, school, and also while doing gardening.


There are many queries related to online Qur’an learning rather than learning from home. Some of these are listed as under;
  1. Does online learning provide the quality education to children?
  2. Is this method of this type of teaching trustable?
  3. Do they have a proper channel?
  4. Will the teachers of their teams be skilled and professional?
  5. May our children be able to opt this change in their life?
  6. Is this system admirable by Muslim society?


So, here you’ll find all the reasons why should you choose online teaching over on-home.

I would like to enlist some of the major and highlighted benefits of online learning.


  It is important to mention that while learning online from your device you can save much of your time. You can manage other things side by side. You can do multiple tasks in one time. You can make you r food in home while learning online and same like that you can do a lot of things.



Online system of learning is so defined and scheduled that once the schedule is set and uploaded on the portal there is no chance of any change in that. In this it provides the users a benefit of scheduling their other plans accordingly. For example, if you know that today your class will be on 4:00 PM so you can manage all of your other chores accordingly. besides this you have a nerve of all the month activities. That’s great to hear!!!



In online system you don’t need to fix a proper place for sitting, that’s a big problem in on-home learning. While engaged in online system you can attend the class irrespective of the place of your sitting. You can attend your class in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or even in the park. All that you need is to pay attention, no matters where you are. So in a sense it reduces your stress of managing the place every new day.



The biggest and greatest benefit of online system is the facility of recorded lectures. When you are a part of a physical or on-school class, once you miss the class you’ll never be able to get that class again, besides fellows help. For example, if unfortunately, you got fever and didn’t attend the class you have missed your lecture. But there is no seen of missing even a single word in case of online learning. online earning provides a facility of recorded lectures. Once the lecture is started it is recorded by the administration. Later, it is uploaded on portals from where students can access that easily and can hear to all the lecture and even the talks between teacher and the fellow students.


 teachers assign daily homework to the students. This daily routine makes it easy to learn Qur’an. Adding to learning Quran the daily base activities also create a link between teachers and student’s minds and they start understanding each other. Teachers assign the students a respective and planned lesson and also ask him/her about her/his lesson next day. So student have to prepare for his/ her lesson every day. This daily routine also makes the students regular and punctual and find an interest in learning this way and then they continue to do so after their mental satisfaction. Teacher also tries his/her best to satisfy the students to their best. And once the student’s satisfaction and interest is developed. Its every teacher’s biggest achievement.



Teachers also arrange a number of tests throughout the session for the students. In this way students have a mindset of revising and learning lectures and lessons each day with same zeal and attention as they know that they have to pass the test and they need to perform better.



In a virtual/online class there are more students than a physical class. Adding to this’ students in an online class belong to different areas of the world. So they took more interests in their lectures and also in their teachers as they personally wanted to do something more than betters in front of their unknown fellows.



When student is well aware of the fact that major of his/her fellows are unknown to her/his then he/she tries to beat the other students automatically, this is a fundamental principle of human psychology. In doing this student tries to learn more and get more and this “thirst of more” makes him best learner all around.



While attending online classes students learn to handle technical issue faced during lectures and with the passage of time he became a master in tackling these problems. So in the age of technology, students somehow also learn about some basics of technology.

So, I think that I’ve provided you a certifiable explanation. In this age we simply want to convey Qur’anic education to all. We are intended to do good for you and your children and the only thing that we want is the collaboration and support of all of you. Things only make progress when grown-up by multiple hands. We as Muslims want you to learn Quran and you as a Muslim should collaborate. May ALLAH protect you all and provide all of us with the strength of doing good in this age.

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